14 April 2020

36. Horrific Rim (Purple Reign)

In Newham, the Questies make use of their MECHs (Magically Enhanced Chassis and Helms), in an epic final battle to end the Gripthox horror once and for all.

7 April 2020

35. Death Chase 2000 (Purple Reign)

Pursued by bullywugs on frogback, the Questies desperately escape through the winding canyons of the Newham Crags to reunite with their friends.

1 October 2019

32. The Slumber Games (Depths of Dineria)

Valna the talking book finally gets to the point. The Olde Questies discover the secrets of the realm of Dineria and the Gripthox plague responsible for the ransacked fish city. The mystery of the purple goo is finally answered, hopefully the Questies back home are listening.

25 June 2019

26. An Expected Journey (Depths of Dineria)

The Questies gather around the campfire to listen to a talking leather-bound book tell a story that takes place hundreds of years ago... with a different group of strange adventurers.

19 February 2019

18. Attack of the Stones (Purple Reign)

The Questies make it to Oldham, which is under siege by mountainous stone golems. They sneak their way into the grand Oldham Athenaeum, but will they follow the library rules?

8 January 2019

15. A Clue to a Quill (Purple Reign)

The Questies investigate the crime scene and pursue a prime suspect... but can they stop a murderer's reign of terror, or will they be too late?

25 December 2018

14. Days of our Knives (Purple Reign)

The Questies recover from the surprise betrayal, and gather some loot after interrogating their attackers. They seek refuge in the city and continue on with their investigation.

27 November 2018

12. Ou Est La Bibliotheque (Purple Reign)

The Questies interrogate a strung-out birdman, visit their local Newham library for more answers, meet a peculiar floating shopkeep, and head to the Restless Quill, grab a pint, and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

13 November 2018

11. Skyfloat (Purple Reign)

The Questies regroup after a bad night at the bar, learn more about the strange happenings in the floating city of Newham, and track down a little birdie who flew away.

30 October 2018

10. Drunk-cino Royale (Purple Reign)

In the Justino Speakeasy, the Questies go undercover to search for a shifty bird-man, play some cards, win some cash, and find more clues to this purple puzzle.

16 October 2018

9. From Newham with Drugs (Purple Reign)

The Questies put on a dazzling show for some scratch, visit the friendly neighborhood poison shop, and begin their plan to get to the bottom of the mystery plaguing Newham and Oldham.

2 October 2018

8. Dive Bars are Forever (Purple Reign)

The Questies make it to the spectacular floating city of Newham, meet some friends, new and old, at a local bar, and learn some strange new things about their original mission.

25 September 2018

7. That's Armore (Purple Reign)

Having escaped the deadly Colosseum and reaped the rewards of magical treasure, the Questies accidentally awakened a suit of haunted armor. Can they escape and find their way back to civilization?

11 September 2018

5. Colosseum Capers (Purple Reign)

Trapped in a secret underground Colosseum, the Questies make a friend and fight for the right to parlay. But at least they levelled up.

28 August 2018

3. Wylde Child (Purple Reign)

Hawk (Grady), a new adventurer on a mission, impresses with some flips and joins the Questies. The crew scours a puzzling jungle for the bandit grove.

21 August 2018

2. Bullywug Bonanza (Purple Reign)

Captured by rude Bullywugs, the newly formed Questies must use their unflappable wit to escape a muddy lair and continue their mission to track down nefarious bandits.

14 August 2018

1. The Freaks Come Out at Night (Purple Reign)

Meet the Dungeon Master (Garrett) and intrepid adventurers Zeph (Ino), Nora (Ro), Meg'yn (Andrew) and Fnabby (Jules), as they bond in a tavern over drinking games, barroom brawls, and brunch, before accepting a daring mission outside the city walls.